Friday, April 27, 2012

Return to Livingstone

Having lived and blogged in Livingstone for close to a year and half I probably don’t need to spend too much time on our return trip there. The purpose of our trip was mostly to say goodbye to all of our friends one final time, see Victoria Falls again and for me, to visit my rescue dog Rambo. We were also fortunate enough to have lined up a trip to Islands of Siankaba, a beautiful five star lodge on the Zambezi river managed by our friends Brett and Claire; but more about that in my Islands of Siankaba post (it really does deserve its own post!).

Zebra at Sun International, next to Victoria Falls
The falls were as magnificent as ever, now at full power with the water level high. You can even see the fall all the way from Livingstone town, 10km away!

Mosi-Oa-Tunya Road in Livingstone. You can see the spray from the falls!
Victoria Falls in April
My last photo at Victoria Falls
Sooo much spray!
Livingstone hadn’t changed at all over the couple of months we’d been away and the familiarty was nice. However two things I noted that had changed were firstly the state of the road out to Livingstone Airport which was in progress when we left but is now finished. I went for a morning run along the Airport Road and was very impressed with how well it had come out.

The other main change was the progress on the accommodation at our favourite restaurant in town, Olgas!

Olgas Restaurant
My wood fired pizza- Yum!
Olgas is an Italian restaurant serving REAL Italian food. It is extremely yummy but even better it is also a social business started up by an Italian NGO CeLIM, with profits going into their Youth Community Training Centre. So no need to feel guilty about that pizza! And now Olgas is preparing to open up accommodation next door to its restaurant. When we had left Livingstone the roof wasn’t even on, however the rooms are looking close to completion, with the opening hopefully on a couple of months away. Anyone looking for accommodation in Livingstone in the coming months should check to see if Olgas is ready for guests!

Pizza and beer :-)
Our group: Friends in Livingstone
The philosophy behind Olgas: "Do not give me a fish but
teach me how to fish"
New Olgas accommodation: Coming along
Olgas accommodation: Opening soon

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