Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to Lusaka

Our trip back to Lusaka didn’t start off quite as planned; to be blunt it was slow and painful. Ruth had a small radiator issue and so our 5-6 hour trip turned into a 9 hour one.  Fortunately we had our friends Brett and Claire with us for the ride who helped to keep our sense of humour along the way. At one point we decided to give Ruth a break, stopping just outside of Mazabuka for a quick drink!

Quick drink by the road just out of Mazabuka
The reason we stopped for a drink..RUTH!!!!!
Back in Lusaka the trip preparations continued, with more work on Ruth and just general running round.

Mike with the Carnet de Passage: Essentially Ruth;s very own
I haven’t given a good view of Lusaka yet, so thought I’d show some pictures below of some of the restaurants and shopping areas, roads, etc. I thought it might be interesting for people who haven't been to an African capital before and are expecting something different (although also keep those images because they also fit in other areas of Lusaka).

At Delish cafe in Kabulonga, Lusaka
The car park at Arcades Mall in Lusaka- Yes that is an Audi in front, one of many
Arcades Mall

Lusaka traffic
Cocktail hour at Mint Cafe, Acacia Park, Lusaka
At Mint Cafe with our friends Brett and Claire
Sichuan Chinese Restaurant, Lusaka Showgrounds (Check out the shed it's based in!)
Fillet and chips at Micki's Restaurant in Kabulonga, Lusaka. By far the best I had in
Vasilis Bakery in Manda Hill Shopping Centre; familiar sign in the background
The dirtier side of Lusaka: Our apartment blocks waste disposal method. This rubbish
is burnt every few weeks, no recycling, no council pick up! Lovely, isn't it?!

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